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The intended purpose of this LiveJournal is threefoldnothing:

1. To keep teunc from being cybersquatted by UFAT and our other enemies in Shadow, who are legion, as Roger Zelazny wrote
2. To provide a compact, uniform Friends feed for TEUNCs that isn't anchored to any particular TEUNC's LJ
3. To provide an auxilary tool for those of us TEUNCs who have LJs and want a place to post teuncy URLs, embedded pictures, etc.

This LJ is not:

  • A spinoff group of the TEUNC Yahoo! Group

  • A "TEUNC for LJ users only"

  • A "public TEUNC" or a TEUNC recruiting venue

Having said that, have fun with it!

Notice to the general public: You are welcome to browse, monitor the community, and post comments. Posting of entries in this LJ community is restricted to members of teunc, which shall include (but is not limited to) members of the TEUNC Yahoo! Group with LiveJournal accounts.


  • Nulla vade ad TEUNC advicando, illo teunce atque bork dixit. (Go not unto TEUNC for counsel, for they will say both "teunce" and "bork".)

  • Trasci maschii, teunce femine (Manly trasks, womanly teunces)

  • Ennui soit qui mal y teunce. (Boredom to him who teunces evil of it.)

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